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Community matters, planet matters, wellness matters.

Together, we’re unpacking the power of activism within our design/build while choosing kindness and eco-mindfulness throughout your home project. Because above all else, we want you to be Happy and Healthy at Home.

From new construction to additions, remodels and vacation properties, we work within your budget while sourcing materials to the highest standards and best environmental impact ratings. We have a passion for small footprint and naturally built homes, prefabricated and modular structures, all made from sustainable and healthy materials.

New Construction

No matter the size or type, our well-rounded team can guide the process from design through construction to ensure each phase goes smoothly.

Small Prefabs

Modular and prefabricated homes which have a small footprint, and are affordable, are a true passion of ours.

Earthen Homes

We are constantly learning about sustainable building materials, and favor earthships and hemp structures. If you’re open to such concepts, we’d love to support you!

Luxury Kitchens

As the kitchen is the heart of the home, we seek to offer highly functional yet grounded spaces which adds to the character of your overall space.

Home Remodels

If you seek to re-work a few spaces in your current home, we are happy to help your vision come to life.


We are at your service for deck repairs, painting, or any other detailed fixes.

Designing WITH Nature

& Now Offering Earthen Homes!

We adore earthships, hemp homes and geodesic domes. It’s the natural materials used throughout, the benefit to people and planet it offers and the timeliness of their need in our society. 

These tabs are a sneak-peak into our evolving company is all to say: we can hardly wait to support clients who crave a highly sustainable home! Or even to take it a step further and to build a truly natural abode. It is the closest thing to living immersed in nature, because your home will be moreso made of nature, with the integration of structural features often stronger than the integrity of conventional construction materials.

Allow us to discuss with you the materials which compete with concrete’s strength or the benefit of insulation made of hemp to ensure your home is as quiet as the forest, even if you’re truly in a town of hustle & bustle!

Keep reading to learn more about this new offering as we continue our research and development.

Collectively, we have years of experience with hemp. We’ve been a part of workshops and builds, we educate ourselves and teach team members every week through a proper open-source roundtable, and we’re working to add many more opportunities to immerse ourselves into every week. 

We’ve started a Resourcery Program from the demolition phase of our projects, prioritizing the donations to families in need within our community. In time, we may even offer in-house design/build products like birdhouses or garden beds from healthy mixed-materials! 

We are building relationships in the region with companies who recycle and reclaim materials and believe in tracking the lifecycle of a building with care and a true sense of responsibility for our natural surroundings. 

Even the troubles we’re faced with are never swept under the rug, as we have a designated branch of the company devoted towards finding and offering creative solutions in the near future. For example, hydraulic lime is still sourced from outside the United States. As the need for earthen homes is (finally) on the rise, a solution must be created in order to source it more locally. To ensure we are helping support a sustainable future, we are building the habit of asking, ‘how can we help?’ And in our future, a solution to this problem may be on the horizon. 

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Though we’re always learning new techniques, and evolving beyond our comforts in this industry, we are a collective group of professionals with individual expertise.

Construction Project Management


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Sustainable Research + Development

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We are well-resourced, while ever-learning and growing. We don’t cut corners, we take the time and energy to build with meaning. Our team believes in integration and interconnection, and we are continuously honing in on a community approach to all that we do here in the Columbia Gorge. Please start your project with us!