About Our Health-Focused Home Building Company

We are experienced general contractors and wellness practitioners on a mission to improve the health and well being of people, homes and planet. We strive to provide design and build services with high quality workmanship and sustainable options. We care about you, your home, our crew, the local community, and the beautiful footprints we leave along the way. Let's work together to build you a home that is beautiful, functional and a proud example of your values, a real Happy Healthy Home.

In our company, we come from the perspective that all are our relations, all things are connected and every action has an impact. As we move forward in our choices and actions, we take the whole into consideration, and we do the best that we can in each moment to look to the best possible future in our building process. We are Hood River general contractors with experience and empathy. We create from a place of knowing that our work has value and function and is a part of both the community and the planet as a whole.